National Board Certified Teachers Will Continue to Receive Full Supplement

National Board Certified Teachers (NBCT) have expressed concern that their hard-earned salary supplements will be reduced due to cuts made to school budgets in January. The Mississippi Department of Education has confirmed that NBCT supplements will be honored as called for in the teachers’ contracts.

While Governor Barbour’s January cuts to education did include a 2% reduction in state funding for National Board Certified Teacher supplements, the contracts of teachers holding that certification include the supplement, and the supplement will continue to be paid. Local school districts will use local funds to make up what was cut from state funding so that NBCT’s salaries are not affected.

The education budget cuts have spawned many rumors as teachers, administrators and others speculate about ways local districts might absorb the cuts. One such rumor is that districts will hire fewer NBCTs to save the supplement cost. There is no such plan. Districts value excellent teachers and are committed to providing the best teachers they can for their students.

Another rumor circulating is that teachers with credentials beyond a master’s degree will not be hired to save the additional salary cost. This rumor also is unfounded.

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