MAEP and Charter Update

The Senate did not take up the charter school bill today (SB 2161), giving us another day to contact our senators. 

Please continue to reach out to your senator on this issue. The leadership will continue to apply pressure, and if we let up, we could lose this opportunity to have C districts removed from the bill in conference. 

Remind legislators that the purpose of charter schools in Mississippi is to help students in under-performing districts. Most of these districts are adjacent to one another, ensuring that many students will have access to charters through the provision allowing those in D/F districts to cross lines to attend them. There are  enough under-performing districts to provide charter schools plenty of opportunities. If charters are allowed to also recruit from C districts, students in under-performing (D/F) districts will be more likely to be shut out by the charter system.  Read more about what should be removed in conference.

Ask your senator to: 

1) vote to reconsider SB 2161 (charter bill) 

2) vote to invite conference so that C districts can be removed from the bill 

Find  contact information for all senators who represent your school district. 

Capitol Switchboard: 601.359.3770 

Share the same message with Lt. Governor Reeves.Capitol: 601.359.3200 

If your senator is confused about whether or not the provision affecting C districts remains in the bill, direct him or her to  Section 2, lines 135-143 of the bill.

Please also remind your senator that you will be watching closely for any shenanigans associated with the  MAEP formula. Any changes to the formula should be fully vetted by the public and by legislators through the committee process, and it’s too late for that this session. Using the secrecy of a  conference committee to walk back the Legislature’s promise to provide adequately for our children’s education would be an act of bad faith. Voters deserve an open and honest process when it comes to something as critical as our children’s future. 

Please make those calls. Send those emails. Post on Facebook. Make sure your senator knows that you are paying attention and that you care deeply about these issues. Our kids are counting on us!

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