K-12 Funding Bill a Win for Children

Our superheroes came through for Mississippi children again! The K-12 appropriation conference report has been filed, and the news is good.

Overall, the FY2019 (2018-2019 school year) appropriation for pre-k through grade 12 is up by $12.8-million over funding for the current year. While the final agreement doesn’t include all that we asked for, it does have these increases:

  • $3.1-million more for the Mississippi Adequate Education Program (MAEP)

  • $2.5-million more for Early Learning Collaboratives (pre-k)

  • $5-million more for the School Recognition Program (teacher bonuses)

Funding for literacy coaches remains at $15-million, teacher supply funds remain at $12-million, and the National Board Certified Teacher program and the Chickasaw Cession interest payments appear to be fully funded.

Legislators will vote on the conference report tomorrow (Monday). 

Please join us in thanking the conferees: Representatives Richard Bennett, John Read, and Scott Bounds, and Senators Gray Tollison, Buck Clarke, and Terry Burton. And many, many thanks to you and to our rank and file legislators for speaking up on behalf of our children and their public schools! The groundswell of support for public education has made a difference.

The session is expected to wrap up in the next couple of days. Watch your inbox for an update following tomorrow’s floor vote

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