Joint Legislative Budget Committee Members On Full Funding of the MAEP

Prior to the 2011 election, The Parents’ Campaign asked candidates for the Legislature and statewide offices about their willingness to commit to full funding of the Mississippi Adequate Education Program as required in state law. Here’s what the members of the Joint Legislative Budget Committee (JLBC) had to say…

Tate Reeves, Lieutenant Governor, Chair of JLBC:

See Lt. Gov. Reeves’ comments about MAEP funding

Philip Gunn, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Vice-Chair

Speaker Gunn did not respond.

Sen. Terry Brown did not respond.

Sen. Terry Burton’s comments about MAEP funding

Sen. Eugene (Buck) Clarke did not respond.

Sen. Joey Fillingane did not respond.

Sen. Dean Kirby did not respond.

Sen. Willie Simmons did not respond.

Rep. Greg Snowden’s comments about MAEP funding

Rep. Herb Frierson’s comments about MAEP funding

Rep. Jeffery Smith’s comments about MAEP funding

Rep. Angela Cockerham did not respond.

Rep. John Moore’s comments about MAEP funding

Rep. Preston Sullivan did not respond.

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