Initiative 42 Ballot Approved

The sample election ballot for Initiative 42, the school funding amendment, has been approved.

As expected, the ballot is confusing. Not only does the ballot include a false fiscal analysis with which the leadership has admitted tampering, it also requires voters to jump through the hoops that the legislative leadership intended when it rammed through the alternative amendment last January.

The good news is that we now have a sample ballot that can be shared far and wide. Click here to see how the ballot should be marked to vote in favor of Initiative 42 and ensure, at long last, that our children will have a constitutional right to an adequately funded education.

Here’s our challenge…

Roughly 500,000 votes are needed to pass Initiative 42. Nearly 200,000 Mississippians signed petitions to get the initiative on the ballot. If each of those 200,000 folks votes yes on 42, and each of us gets two more people to vote yes, we will win!

Those working to keep public schools underfunded know that public sentiment is on our side – Mississippians support their public schools and want them adequately funded. So opponents are pulling every dirty trick in the book in their desperate attempt to defeat the will of the people. Some of their shenanigans are clearly abuse of power.

The most recent example is their attempt to bully teachers and school district employees into silence. 

On November 3, we have our chance to stand up to the bullies who keep picking fights with our public schools. We wouldn’t let them steal our kid’s lunchbox on the playground, and we can’t let them steal our kids’ futures at the ballot box.

In the meantime, we’ve got two months to tell everyone we know how to stand up to the bullies and win the day for Mississippi children…

Mark that ballot twice.

Mark the first choice in each section:


Share our marked sample ballot, retweet our tweets (@ParentsCampaign), like us on Facebook and share our posts. Let’s get moving – our kids are more than worth it!

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