Important Update on Ed Bills

Next Tuesday is the deadline for Senate committees to act on House general bills and for House committees to act on Senate general bills (appropriations and revenue bills have a later deadline).

Please ask your legislators to vote as follows:

Bills to be voted on by the Senate

  • HB 29 – Transfers authority from the State Board of Education to the legislative PEER committee; all education reports go to PEER. VOTE NO.

  • HB 33 – Revises the definition of “special needs” to include those with an active IEP within the past five years. (Passed Senate Education Committee without amendments this morning, now goes to the floor.) OPPOSE AMENDMENTS that expand voucher eligibility to students without an IEP.

  • HB 458 – Opens the MAEP statute for undetermined amendments. Click here for the full story on this bill. OPPOSE AMENDMENTS that would reduce the amount of funding produced by the formula or weaken equity provisions. 

  • HB 1044 – Allows students in districts rated D or F to cross district lines to attend charter schools; local and state funding follows the student. OPPOSE AMENDMENTS that would allow students who reside in districts rated A, B, or C to cross district lines to attend charter schools.

Bills to be voted on by the House

  • SB 2158 – Provides for calculation of the MAEP formula using average daily membership (enrollment) rather than average daily attendance. VOTE YES

  • SB 2161 – Allows charter schools to locate in C districts without local board approval; allows students in any school district to cross district lines to attend charters; local and state funding follows the student. VOTE NO.

  • SB 2438 – Provides for the appointment, rather than election, of all school district superintendents. VOTE YES.

Click here to find the legislators who represent your school district.

Capitol Switchboard: 601.359.3770

Share the same message with Lt. Governor Reeves and Speaker Gunn:

Lt. Governor Reeves  Capitol: 601.359.3200

Speaker Gunn  Capitol: 601.359.3300

Jackson mom Rosaline McCoy reminds us here that we all have a duty to ensure that every Mississippi student has the resources necessary to succeed.

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