House, Senate Send SB 3049 with $2M Voucher Funding to Governor

The House started the morning with two procedural votes on the SB 3049 conference report; both failed (good outcome), but the second vote ended in a tie (still means it failed). See that vote below left. (Those voting yea are voting to endorse vouchers and the corruption that put voucher funding in the DFA appropriation; those voting nay are voting to oppose the corruption and oppose the voucher funding.) On the third try, House leadership succeeded in coercing enough representatives to endorse the corruption and move SB 3049 to the governor with $2-million in voucher funding intact. Below right is the final House corruption vote that sent SB 3049 to the governor with hidden voucher funding. The Senate also sent the bill to the governor, but Lt. Governor Reeves refused to allow a recorded vote, hiding senators’ votes on this issue.

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