House Defeats Tax Cut Plan, But Leadership Pushing to Overturn Vote

You did it – now let’s make sure it sticks!  

In what might be the most important vote of the 2015 Legislative Session,52 members of the House of Representatives chose our children over tax cuts. 

These courageous women and men rejected the Senate plan to strip $555-million from state coffers, a plan that would have made it nearly impossible ever to fully fundthe Mississippi Adequate Education Program (MAEP) and would have decimated other state services. The bill, which required a 3/5 majority (72 votes) for passage, failed 67 to 52. See that vote here. 

The bill was held on a motion to reconsider, which means that another vote on the bill can be forced any time between now and Friday. Our kids need your help again. Please thank the courageous legislators who cast a very tough NO vote on this bill – in a very contentious election year – to protect our kids’ futures. And be sure to ask them to stick with us when the bill comes up again. The next vote will be critical.

Ask your representative to vote NOT to concur on HB 1629, the tax cut bill, if it comes back for another vote. 

Click here to find contact information for the legislators who represent your school district.

While you are making calls, remind Governor Bryant that our children need him to veto HB 1536, so that legislators can send him a bill that provides our children’s schools what they must have to operate effectively.  

Gov. Bryant: 601.359.3150

Numerous legislators spoke up for our kids during today’s debate, pleading with their colleagues to protect the interests of our children and their schools. Many recounted that, just days ago, the leadership claimed not to have sufficient resources to adequately fund schools, and yet today they were proposing to turn over to corporate interests hundreds of millions of dollars that are owed to our children. 

As one legislator said, “A politician thinks about the next election; a statesman thinks about the next generation.” Some stateswomen and statesmen took a stand today, in the interest of fiscal responsibility, for the benefit of our children and our state. Those who voted “NO” on the scheme to eliminate $555-million in state revenue were real champions for our schools and state, and they deserve our heartfelt thanks and support. Please be sure that they hear from you! Ask your friends to call, too. 

Legislators are under tremendous pressure from state leaders and corporate lobbyists to vote for tax cuts; it takes a lot of calls from parents, friends, teachers, and neighbors to withstand the pressure they’re getting in Jackson. 

Today’s victory was an important one; let’s make sure it holds. Make those calls, please, and ask everyone you know to join us!  

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