House and Senate Adjourn for Weekend

Thank you to all those who called and emailed Speaker Gunn and your representatives to insist that they do the work we elected them to do: carefully consider, vet, and debate all legislation, particularly bills that affect the quality of education provided our children.

The Speaker and key legislators have been meeting since mid-morning, with the House in recess awaiting word of progress. The good news is that, minutes ago, Speaker Gunn returned to the chamber, announced that progress had been made, and adjourned the House for the weekend. They will return Monday at 2:00 p.m. to resume taking up bills. The Senate adjourned earlier in the day and will return Monday at 3:00 p.m.

Floor action will likely move quickly, so please be sure to contact your legislators and ask that they:

Vote NO on any bills that increase government bureaucracy, weaken public schools, and put our children’s education at risk.

Click here to find contact information for the legislators who represent your school district.

Share the same message with Lt. Governor Reeves and Speaker Gunn:
Lt. Governor Reeves Capitol: 601.359.3200
Speaker Gunn Capitol: 601.359.3300

Harmful bills that remain alive:
• HB 29 – Transfers authority from the State Board of Education to the legislative PEER committee; all education reports go to PEER.
• HB 47 – Individual students’ test scores submitted to State Auditor to determine sufficient academic progress; more government bureaucracy as MDE accountability ratings process is duplicated in Auditor’s office.
• HB 990 – Provides for the election of all school board members in two groups: three at the time of the presidential election and two at the time of the gubernatorial election; exempts A and B districts, but if rating falls to C, district moves to elected board. National privatization groups have pushed similar measures in other states, their goal to recruit and fund the campaigns of pro-privatization candidates to privatize school districts from within. Additionally, because many excellent appointed board members tell us they are not willing to campaign for election, the measure is likely to diminish the quality of school boards.
• HB 958 – Prohibits public K-12, university, and college administrators and board members from using their official capacity to lobby the Legislature for policy change – something that is a right and an obligation in their roles as administrators and trustees. Any attempt by legislators to silence the people they were elected to represent is unconscionable.
• HB 1044 – Allows any student statewide to cross district lines to attend charter schools; local and state funding follows the student. The Parents’ Campaign opposes allowing students who are not in under-performing districts to cross district lines to attend a charter school.
• HB 1080 – Vouchers for private school tuition funded with tax dollars owed to the state (tax credit scholarships).
• SB 2161 – Charter schools may locate in C districts without local approval; statewide open enrollment in charters; local and state funding follows the student.
• SB 2695 – Vouchers for private school tuition funded with tax dollars owed to the state (tax credit scholarships).

Mississippi children are so very fortunate to have you standing up for them and their schools.

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