Governor Bryant Announces More Budget Cuts; Senate Adjourns Sine Die

The Senate has adjourned the 2016 session; the House must return tomorrow to dispose of a motion to reconsider before it adjourns sine die. You can  see here the results of all the bills that we tracked this session.

Governor Bryant announced today that he will make additional cuts to current-year budgets, including public schools, as revenue is not coming in as expected. The cuts will average about .43 percent. Because agencies will have to make up for the entire cut in the last two months of the fiscal year that ends June 30, it will feel more like a 2.6 percent cut, on average. Governor Bryant will also take another $10-million from the Rainy Day Fund.

Despite serious cuts in state services and anemic revenue, the House and Senate have passed what is possibly the largest tax cut in state history, one that will cut another $415-million annually from state coffers in the years to come. It is beyond comprehension that the Legislature could have so little regard for their responsibility to provide the basic services that the people of Mississippi expect: safe roads and bridges, sufficient healthcare, and an adequate education for our children.

Governor Bryant has an opportunity to restore some fiscal sanity to our state.

Please call his office and ask him to veto the tax cut bill, SB 2858. 

Governor Phil Bryant: 601.359.3150 

For all practical purposes, the 2016 Legislative Session is adjourned. Please join me in thanking the legislators who stood with us in our fight for public education. We will not forget the courage they displayed in support of our children and their public schools. 

And many, many thanks to you for your tireless work on behalf of Mississippi students – for calling, and texting, and emailing, and sharing on social media – again, and again, and again. It made a difference. Our children may never know the impact you have had on their lives, but it is significant. Their futures will be brighter because of you. What a blessing! 

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