Good News on Mississippi Test Scores

Mississippi public school students and teachers had another good year, continuing the trend of better achievement and higher test scores. That is great news for our state! You can see here how schools and districts scored on the 2016 Mississippi Assessment Program (MAP) tests.

This was the first administration of the MAP assessment. The true year-over-year comparison in test results will come next year when students will have taken the same test for two years in a row.

State superintendent Dr. Carey Wright explained that, though the new test is just as rigorous as the PARCC exam students took in 2015, students’ scores improved, showing that teachers are doing a good job of helping our children meet the new, higher standards that have been lauded nationally as among the toughest in the country.

A major bright spot is a rise in the composite ACT score of high school juniors from 17.6 in 2014-2015 to 18.3 in 2015-2016. Nineteen districts had a composite score of 20 or above. Remember, in Mississippi all 11th graders take the ACT, unlike many states that test only higher-performing, college-bound students.

Dr. Wright sent a hearty congratulations to teachers and students who are doing extraordinary work in our public schools. We at The Parents’ Campaign echo her praise!

School district ratings based on these scores and other factors will be released in October. Today, the State Board of Education adopted cut points for the rating system at levels that will place 10% of schools and districts in the “A” category and 14% in “F.” The bulk of schools and districts will be rated B, C, or D.

As we settle in to a new school year, the outlook for Mississippi students is good. High expectations are leading to accelerated achievement – and brighter futures for Mississippi children. That is something to celebrate!


Sources: Mississippi Department of Education, The Parents’ Campaign Research and Education Fund

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