Education Board Chairmen Address U.S. Senate Candidate’s Position on Federal Funding

Mississippi Board of Education Chairman Dr. Wayne Gann has issued a letter expressing his dismay over statements made about public education funding by current Mississippi State Senator and U.S. Senate candidate Chris McDaniel. It has been widely reported that McDaniel, earlier in the campaign, advocated eliminating the education funding that Mississippi schools and colleges receive from the federal government. News reports indicate that McDaniel is now backing off of that position (see the Associated Press link below). 

Click here to read a letter from Dr. O. Wayne Gann, chairman of the Mississippi Board of Education (public schools).

The chairs of the Institutions of Higher Learning (universities) and the Community College Board have published their own letters citing similar concerns about the candidate’s position on federal funding for colleges and universities.

Click here to read a letter from Mr. Aubrey Patterson, chair of the Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning (colleges and universities).

Click here to read a letter authored by Mr. Chip Crane, chair of the Mississippi Community College Board.

Click on the links below to read news reports about the candidates’ comments on public education:

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