Coffers Overflowing as 2023 Session Begins – Good News for MAEP!

The Mississippi Legislature will convene the 2023 Legislative Session at noon today with an unprecedented amount of money to spend. That’s very good news for our public schools.

The stars could be aligning for MAEP funding just as the 2023 session begins. Mississippi has a huge budget surplus in the BILLIONS of dollars. That’s billions, with a B. Meanwhile, the MAEP is underfunded this year by $279-million.

We’re hearing that important legislative leaders feel strongly that it’s past time for the State to make good on her promise to provide our children and teachers adequate education funding. But those leaders want our help to ensure that school funding is a top priority in this legislative session.

So, we will be traveling the state to share new information that will help us help pro-public school legislators accomplish that goal. We really hope you can join us.

Here’s our promise:

  • Our meeting will last less than an hour, and it will be well worth your time
  • You’ll learn important, behind-the-scenes info about how legislative decisions are made
  • You’ll leave armed with critical facts and know-how that will help us help our legislators win the day for Mississippi children

Save the date of the meeting nearest you (all meetings 6-7 p.m.):

  • Tuesday, January 10 – Biloxi High School Performing Arts Center, Biloxi
  • Thursday, January 12 – Callaway High School Cafeteria, Jackson
  • Thursday, January 19 – Oxford High School Auditorium, Oxford
  • Tuesday, January 24 – Ann Jolley Board Room, DeSoto County School District, Hernando
  • Thursday, January 26 – Kosciusko, location to be determined 
  • Thursday, February 2 – Delta, location to be determined
  • Thursday, February 16 – Oak Grove High School, Hattiesburg
  • Thursday, February 23 – Lauderdale County, location to be determined

The money is there. The time is right. Your involvement can make all the difference. We hope to see you soon, because together, we’ve got this!

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