Candidates Respond to Tough Education Questions

Are you ready for a Legislature that supports our public schools? We can make that happen!

Public school educators, parents, and supporters make up the largest voting bloc in Mississippi, and there are many candidates, in both parties, running on a public education platform. If we stick together and support the candidates who support our public schools, we can create real change for our children and their teachers!

The first step is knowing where the candidates stand on public education. Starting today, you can learn that on our Candidate Q&A web site.

We asked candidates where they stand on issues like school funding, teacher pay, pre-k, and the voucher scheme that takes millions of dollars away from public schools to fund private academies. You can see their answers hereClick here to see how the voting records of incumbent candidates align with what they say.

When candidates don’t respond to our questionnaire, it sometimes means they don’t want you to know their positions on public education. But occasionally it’s just an oversight. If candidates in your district haven’t responded, ask them to do so now. We will get their answers posted as soon as they send them to us. If your candidate(s) did respond, be sure to use your own social media pages to share links to their answers – let’s get the word out about candidates’ positions on public education!

The 2019 Election is just around the corner, and we owe it to our children to learn where candidates for the Legislature and statewide offices stand on these critical issues. If candidates are asking for your vote, they owe it to you to tell you where they stand.

Will you help us elect a better Legislature?  We won’t tell you which candidates to vote for (The Parents’ Campaign does not endorse candidates – that’s up to you to decide). But we will tell you how to get your favorite candidates elected! Click here to see our 2019 Election Toolkit, a step-by-step guide to winning an election.

A number of people have contacted us about the candidate endorsements announced recently by the Mississippi Public Education PAC. This PAC is not affiliated with The Parents’ Campaign, and we have no input into their selections.

Tired of state leaders who are hostile to public schools? Let’s win this election!

Want to know whom to vote for? See what your candidates have to say about public education.

Ready to get involved? See our Election Toolkit!

The Primary Election is August 6, and many important races will be decided that day. Just a few minutes of your time can make a big difference. Please get involved today! Our children’s futures and our public schools are at stake. And together, we’ve got this!

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