Building Your Local Network

With just few simple steps, and about 15 minutes of your time every few weeks, you’ll have the power to influence the laws that affect the quality of your child’s education, school funding, and a whole host of issues that have an impact on your lifeBuilding a local team to keep your legislators informed of your priorities (and to hold them accountable for their votes) is easier than you think.

 Build your team… 
There really is power in numbers, so contact a group of friends 
(think co-workers, or folks from your PTO, Sunday school class, book club, or bunko group) and ask them to join your effort. Technology can make staying in touch with your group quick and easy, so be sure to get their cell phone numbers for texting and their email addresses, Twitter handles, Facebook information, etc.

 Form relationships with your legislators… 
Call the legislators who represent your school district, and let them know that you care deeply about your public schools. Tell them that you’ll be following education-related legislation, and that you will be calling them from time to time to discuss important bills on which they will be voting. Let your legislators know that you’ve been designated to keep your local group updated on your legislators’ positions on the bills that affect your schools, and ask for their cell phone numbers so you can contact them easily throughout the legislative session. Be sure to thank them for their service!

 Continue to stay in touch…
Touch base every few weeks or so with your legislators and your group. Text, email, Twitter, and Facebook should make this a quick and easy process. And you can always share the job of contacting legislators with others in your group (maybe each of you will take a turn contacting your legislators for updates).
That’s it! It’s just that easy. You will probably find that your legislators will come to rely on you for information about education bills, and that they will value your input and support. If not, that’s good for you to know when the next election rolls around.

Shoot us an email and let us know how it’s going. We value your input and support, too!

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