BREAKING: Important News for Public Education

We’ve got two pieces of very good news for public education supporters…

First, the MAEP is very reasonable after all – despite what we’ve been told by legislative leaders seeking to ditch our school funding formula. It turns out that, even if the MAEP were FULLY funded, Mississippi’s school funding would still lag that of our neighbor states – Arkansas, Alabama, Louisiana, and Tennessee – by hundreds of dollars PER STUDENT.

You can find the details in an op-ed authored by our executive director, Nancy Loome, that is running in newspapers across the state. Read it here.

In other GAME-CHANGING news…Attorney General Jim Hood has just ruled that state retirees – including retired educators – should be able to serve in the Legislature and draw their hard-earned pensions, something that has been disallowed for decades and has discouraged Mississippi’s retired teachers, principals, and superintendents from running for legislative seats. Read more from The Clarion-Ledger.

Many states recently saw a wave of teachers run successfully for their state legislatures to turn the tide on what they saw as repeated attacks on their public schools. Qualifying season for Mississippi’s 2019 Election begins next month. Do you know a retired educator who might consider running for office?

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