Big-Dollar Voucher Lobbyists in Mississipppi

The very out-of-state voucher lobbyists that are peddling bills to funnel your child’s Mississippi public school dollars into private academies and for-profit schools just had a set-back in Tennessee. When they tried their tricks in the Volunteer State, Tennessee moms and dads weren’t having it – and their legislators listened. 

Now it’s our turn, Mississippi! The same lobbyists that funded the voucher scheme in Tennessee are pushing voucher bills in our state. They’ve tried to frame their private school vouchers as “scholarships” and tax credits, but don’t be fooled. If it turns tax dollars that are owed the state into private school tuition, it’s a voucher, plain and simple.

The privatization bills posted online so far are:

  • House Bills 202, 943, and 1080

  • Senate Bills 2385, 2455, 2551, and 2695

Ask your legislators to vote NO on any bill that sends public funds (including taxes owed our state) to private schools, virtual schools, for-profit schools (you get the idea).

Click here to find your legislators.

Share the same message with Lt. Governor Reeves and Speaker Gunn: 

Lt. Governor Reeves  Capitol: 601.359.3200 

Speaker Gunn  Capitol: 601.359.3300 

The deadline for committees to deal with bills that originated in their own chambers is next Tuesday, Feb. 23. The deadline for floor votes on those bills is March 2. How many ways can you contact your legislators between now & then? Click  here to comment on their Education Report pages, contact them using social media, call, and email them. Or leave a message with the Capitol switchboard (see above).

Public school mom  Camie Bianco of Oxford isn’t happy with the school choice game being played by Mississippi legislators and lobbyists. Watch her 10-second video here:


Camie is right! Let’s get creative and show Tennessee that they aren’t the only “momma bears” standing up for kids. Time is short, so let’s get busy.

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