An Incredibly Bad Idea

If your goal is to spend hundreds of millions of state tax dollars for students to LEARN LESS, Indiana has just the plan for you: VOUCHERS for private school tuition!

Lately, a number of states have been busy demonstrating for us why vouchers are such a terrible idea. Here are some takeaways:

Arizona will spend $900-million over the next year on vouchers to pay private school tuition for students, but most of those getting the vouchers were already enrolled in private schools; public school enrollment has barely budged, but public schools are woefully underfunded as millions go to private schools.
Florida’s private school vouchers use state tax dollars to pay for kayaks, big screen TVs, and trips to Disney World.
Studies in Indiana, Louisiana, Ohio, and Washington, D.C., found that students who move from public schools to private voucher schools suffer substantial and persistent learning losses.

North Carolina and Oklahoma are investigating fraud in their voucher programs, where private schools have received more vouchers than they have students and voucher funds have been used to purchase electric fireplaces, gas grills, car stereos, and more.

In fact, voucher programs across the country are rife with fraud, and, despite enrolling only the students they prefer (and rejecting those they don’t want), their students lose ground academically. Voucher schools are not required to meet state standards and are allowed to keep their operations “private” – with no accountability to the taxpayers who are footing the bill. Mississippi’s own ESA voucher program has been cited for fraud, starting in its very first year of operation.

The same privatizers who pushed Mississippi’s ESA voucher program now want to expand it.

Tell candidates for the Legislature and statewide office that you oppose vouchers for private school tuition. The public’s funds belong in the public’s schools!

Strong public schools increase property values, boost job growth and economic development, and yield strong communities. Let’s elect candidates who will invest our state tax dollars wisely and move Mississippi toward a brighter day. Together, we’ve got this!

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