A Big Opportunity

You have the power to change the course of a child’s life.

Time and again, your voice has made the difference, protecting our schools from profit-driven privatizers, enabling a good start for young children through state-funded pre-k, supporting teachers with better pay, and securing additional funding that provides advanced courses, improved technology, and stronger supports for struggling learners. What we have done together truly has been amazing.

We make a great team. The Parents’ Campaign provides the research, data, and legislative legwork. You turn that knowledge into influence, sharing public education insights and information with legislators and holding them accountable for their votes.

Your advocacy work has been a game-changer. Can you also contribute financially to support public education advocacy statewide?

You succeeded in making the 2019 Election all about our teachers and public education. But well-funded lobbyists already are working to sway legislators’ votes in ways that will hinder the progress of our children and our schools.

We stand ready to fight back, and that takes resources. Will you donate today to sustain the work of The Parents’ Campaigninto 2020 and beyond?

Our team has built an impressive strategy to strengthen our network in critical areas, to provide legislators and newly-elected leaders the support and encouragement they need to win the day for public education. Your donation of $10, $25, $50 or more will help us seal that deal.

Together, we are strong. Together, we have wrought change.

Now we are at a new crossroads. We have a golden opportunity to capitalize on our momentum and to change forever the path of public education in Mississippi. Will you help us? Your financial contribution could make the difference. Our children are counting on us, and together, we’ve got this!

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