Candidate Q&A

Columbia Public School District

School Board Election 2021

Our public education questionnaire was offered to school board candidates in the November 2 school board elections. Search for candidates’ questionnaire responses below.

Frank Powell

1. What is your experience with the school district? (Did you or your children attend school in the district? Have you volunteered in or been employed by the district?) My daughter is a sophomore at the school and I do a lot of volunteer work for the softball team, work on the softball field, and help with anything at the school.
2. What is your previous community involvement? I do a lot of community work for the elderly people as well as helping out with younger kids that need help.
3. Why do you want to serve on your school board? I have a child with a learning disorder. And it’s hard to listen to what goes on at the schools. And I want to help the kids that are falling through the cracks of our school system.
4. What are your goals for your district’s preschool program? To help them understand that everybody is not the same. Some kids take more time then others.
5. Students from low income households often need additional resources to achieve academic success. What should the school district do to ensure that all students are successful? Reach out to the student and their parents and see if the school offers anything that might help that student succeed in school and life after school.
6. Mississippi school districts are funded by a mix of federal, state, and local funds. The State contributes to local school districts through the Mississippi Adequate Education Program (MAEP). What role will you play in advocating for full funding of MAEP for your district? Anything that would help our school district succeed and our other schools in our community. Because there are two other high schools within ten miles of our school.
7. Do you agree that tax dollars should be used for only public schools and not for non-public schools such as vouchers, private school tuition, and on-line schools? Why or why not? YES, I agree because they are not on the same page with pubic schools. Public schools offer a lot more then any non-public school.
8. Mississippi is experiencing a severe teacher shortage. What strategies will you support to recruit and retain high quality educators? We need to pay them more to be in line with the other states. Better insurance and benefits. And have more discipline in the class room. Most teachers are scared of the students now days.

Catherine Woodward



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