Senate Charter School Bill Needs Amendments in House

SB 2401, the Senate charter school bill, needs to be amended significantly by the House if it is to 1) provide children trapped in underperforming schools with a better education option, 2) improve student achievement, and 3) provide a good return on investment for taxpayer dollars. 

Please continue to talk with your representatives about this bill.  Ask them to ensure that the charter school bill:

  1. Restricts charter schools to underperforming school zones
  2. Prohibits virtual charter schools (SB 2401 does this; ensure that it does not change) Learn more
  3. Establishes the State Board of Education as the single authorizer or the State Board of Education and another statewide entity as the only authorizers (providing multiple authorizers allows weak applicants to “shop” for the most permissive authorizer; authorizers grant charters and oversee the work of charter schools)
  4. Requires a proven track record of success by charter management organizations (the charter bill that died had been amended by the House to include this provision; the House needs to amend the current version of the bill in the same way)
  5. Prohibits for-profit companies from running charter schools (they cut corners to increase profits) 

Capitol switchboard: 601.359.3770

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