School District Losses

The governor is asking that public schools prepare to cut their budgets by 2% this year and 4% next school year. See what these cuts would mean for your school district…

The Mississippi Department of Education has prepared a spreadsheet that shows the amount of MAEP funding each school district would be forced to return to the state this school year under the governor’s proposed cuts. This spreadsheet reflects only cuts to funding received through the MAEP formula. Schools receive additional funds outside of the MAEP formula which would suffer additional cuts.

See the Mississippi Department of Education estimation of cuts by school district.

Southern Echo, a nonprofit advocacy group, has produced maps that show what the Mississippi Department of Education estimates each school district will lose in MAEP funding this school year and next under Governor Barbour’s proposed cuts.

See the Southern Echo map showing 2008-2009 cuts by school district.

See the Southern Echo map showing 2009-2010 cuts by school district.

Dr. Hank Bounds, State Superintendent of Education, met last week with school superintendents and financial officers to inform them of possible budget cuts.

See Dr. Bounds’ remarks to school superintendents.

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