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  • Click here to see the final status of the bills we followed in the 2013 session.

  • TPC Members Getting in on the Action to Push For Adequate School Funding 

    posted 12/2/2013

    We asked members of The Parents' Campaign to share their ideas for getting more people involved in our push for adequate school funding. (Schools have been underfunded by the State Legislature by $1.2 Billion over the last 6 years - while legislators have continued to pile on unfunded mandates and regulations.) The response from our members has been enthusiastic! Click here to see some of their great ideas.

  • School Funding Low on JLBC Priority List

    posted 12/3/2013

    The Joint Legislative Budget Committee has announced its budget recommendation for Fiscal Year 2015, the budget that will be debated in the coming legislative session. Despite significant increases in available revenue, the committee recommended that no additional funding be put toward the MAEP, underfunding schools by $284.5-million for the 2014-2015 school year. Click here to read more.

  • Schools Recognized for Progress in Student Achievement

    posted 11/22/2013

    The Mississippi Department of Education recently recognized 57 Title I schools for improvements in student achievement. All schools cited serve high numbers of students who live at or near the poverty level. Click here to see the schools recognized.

  • Governor Recommends Underfunding MAEP by $284.5-million

    posted 11/13/2013

    Governor Bryant today announced his budget recommendation for Fiscal Year 2015, the budget that will be decided in the 2014 legislative session. The governor's budget underfunds the Mississippi Adequate Education Program (MAEP) by $284.5-million, despite significant increases in state revenue and a $295-million surplus at the end of the 2013 budget year. In terms of budget increases, public schools rank at the bottom of Governor Bryant's priority list. Read more here.

  • Public Comments Due Today on Charter School Documents

    posted 11/13/2013

    Today is the deadline for submitting comments to the Mississippi Charter School Authorizer Board regarding its draft documents for charter school applications. Comments can be emailed to Click here to view the documents.

  • Charter School Authorizer Board Invites
    Public Input on Charter Application and Scoring Rubric

    posted 11/5/2013

    The Mississippi Charter School Authorizer Board has released a draft of its Request for Proposals (RFP) for charter school applications, or Application Guide, as well as a draft of the scoring rubric that will be used to evaluate the proposals. The board has invited the public to provide input on the documents which they will consider prior to adopting the final version. Click here to read more and to learn how to submit your suggestions.

  • Charter School Authorizer Board to Meet October 21

    posted 11/17/2013

    The second meeting of the Mississippi Charter School Authorizer Board is set for Monday, October 21, at 10 a.m. in the board room of the Institutions of Higher Learning in Jackson. The meeting is open to the public. Facing a December 1 deadline to issue the Request for Proposals (RFP) for charter school applications, the board voted at its first meeting in September to seek the Attorney General's approval to hire a contractor to write the RFP. Read a report from the September 19 meeting here.

  • Public Comments Invited on Proposed Accountability Model

    posted 10/16/2013

    The public has until 5:00 p.m. Tuesday, November 12, 2013, to weigh in on the proposed new school accountability model, which is set to take effect in this school year. This is the new system by which schools and districts will be rated. It differs significantly from the current accountability system. Click here for details and links to the Mississippi Department of Education's information about the proposed changes.

  • MDE Issues Pre-K Collaborative Grant RFP

    posted 10/10/2013

    The Mississippi Department of Education has issued a request for proposals for grant funds to be awarded through the Mississippi Early Learning Collaborative Act of 2013. Click here to see the eligibility guidelines and how to apply.

  • Speaker Gunn to Hold 2013 Ideas Tour

    posted 10/2/2013

    House Speaker Philip Gunn will begin his 2013 "Ideas Tour" on October 7, holding meetings in 10 communities to hear what citizens have to say about issues facing Mississippi. You are invited. Read more and see the schedule here.

  • Mississippi Board of Ed Names New Schools Chief

    posted 9/25/2013

    The State Board of Education has selected Dr. Carey Wright as the new state superintendent of education. Read more here. The Parents' Campaign welcomes Dr. Wright, and we thank interim state superintendent Dr. Lynn House for her many years of devoted service to Mississippi children.

  • Charter School Authorizer Board Meets

    posted 9/25/2013

    The Mississippi Charter School Authorizer Board held its first meeting on September 19. Butler Snow attorney Tommie Cardin of Clinton was elected chair and realtor Chris Wilson of Laurel was elected vice chair. The board faces a December 1 deadline to issue the Request for Proposals (RFP) for charter school applications. Read more here.

  • MDE Presents FY 2015 Budget Request

    posted 9/25/2013

    The Mississippi Department of Education presented its budget request to the Joint Legislative Budget Committee on September 18. The preliminary MAEP estimate for FY 2015 is $2.35 million and the Base Student Cost is $5,054.94. Click here to see MDE's budget presentation.

  • State Releases 2013 School Accountability Results

    posted 9/13/2013

    School and school district accountability results have been released, and the news is good. Student achievement in Mississippi continues to improve. Click here to read more and to find your school and district ratings.

  • State Test Scores Released

    posted 8/22/2013

    Test scores from the 2012-2013 school year have been released and the results show that students and teachers are meeting the challenge of increased rigor in their classrooms. The scores will be used to determine school and district accountability ratings which are due to be released in mid-September. You can find district- and school-level test results here. Statewide highlights:  

    Students' MCT2 scores (grades 3 - 8) improved in English Language Arts (ELA) and Math at most grade levels: the number of students scoring proficient and above in ELA grew in grades 3, 4, 5, and 7 and remained about the same as last year in grades 6 and 8; the number of students scoring proficient and above in Math grew in grades 4 - 8 and remained the same as last year in grade 3

    The state's graduation rate improved to 75.5%, up from 73.7% in 2012; the dropout rate fell to 13.9%, down from 16.7% in 2012; Mississippi's graduation rate is now slightly above the national average

    Subject Area Test scores (grades 9 - 12) improved in three of four subjects: Algebra I - 85% passed, up from 82% in 2012; Biology I - 79% passed, up from 75% in 2012; U.S. History - 81% passed, up from 72% in 2012; English II - 73% passed, the same as in 2012

    Science test scores (grades 5 and 8) improved significantly: 63% of 5th graders scored proficient and above, up from 53% in 2012; 64% of 8th graders scored proficient and above, up from 57% in 2012

  • Misinformation About Common Core Being Circulated

    posted 8/14/2013

    Recently, a few legislators who oppose the implementation of the Common Core State Standards have circulated misinformation about the more rigorous benchmarks that Mississippi has adopted for English/Language Arts and Mathematics. Some of their talking points mimic those of national organizations that have pushed for the dismantling or privatization of public schools. See the myths - and the truth - about these standards here.

    See what the experts have to say about the rigor imbedded in the Common Core State Standards here.

    The Mississippi Department of Education will host community meetings around the state to answer questions about the Common Core State Standards.

    Click here to see the dates, times, and locations.

  • Revenue Surplus Should Go to MAEP

    posted 6/20/2013

    State revenue for the current year has come in well above projections - possibly enough to fully fund the MAEP for the coming school year. Legislators should make good on their promise to adequately fund schools as soon as the funds are available by making the additional appropriation ASAP. Read more.

  • MS Senator Brice Wiggins in Washington to Promote Pre-K

    posted 6/11/2013

    Senator Brice Wiggins of Pascagoula joined retired military leaders in Washington this week to release a national report showing the benefits of high quality early childhood education. Read more.

  • See Your School District's Funding for Next Year

    posted 5/21/2013

    Click here to see how much state funding your school district will receive next year, how much your district will be underfunded, and how public schools statewide will fare.

  • Governor Bryant Signs Ed Funding Bill

    posted 4/26/2013

    Governor Bryant has signed the school funding bill for Fiscal Year 2014. The bill under-funds the MAEP by $292-million. State law says that school districts have 10 days from the date that the education appropriations bill is signed to notify teachers of non-renewal. Click here to see what the funding bill includes.

  • Legislature Adjourns Sine Die

    posted 4/4/2013

    The House and Senate have adjourned the 2013 Regular Legislative Session. The Parents' Campaign thanks our members and legislators for their hard work. Click here to see the final status of the education bills that we have followed.

  • Charter Bill Passes Senate

    posted 4/3/2013 11:55 a.m.

    The charter school bill passed the Senate this morning 34-18. See vote report here. The bill now heads to Gov. Bryant for his signature. Click here to read why The Parents' Campaign endorsed this legislation.

  • Pre-K Passes House and Senate

    posted 4/2/2013 6:00 p.m.

    The House and Senate have passed the pre-k bill, authorizing the first ever state funding of pre-school classes in Mississippi. This is a great day for Mississippi's children! Many thanks to Rep. Barker and Sen. Wiggins for their hard work on this critical issue.

    See the House vote here. See the Senate vote here.

  • Charter Bill Passes House

    posted 4/2/2013 10:15 a.m.

    The charter school bill passed the House 62-56. See vote report here. The bill should come up in the Senate soon.

  • Charter is 8th on House Calendar, 10th on Senate Calendar Should Come Up Early

    posted 4/2/2013

    The charter bill should come up early today in both the House and Senate. the House convenes at 9:00 a.m., the Senate at 10:00. We will notify our members by email and text message when debate begins. You can watch the proceedings online at

  • Agreement Reached on Charter Schools

    posted 4/1/2013

    The charter schools conference report was filed this evening, just prior to the 8 p.m. deadline. It holds the House's position on charters: prohibits for-profits from managing charter schools; gives permanent veto authority to A, B, and C districts; limits the number of charters authorized to 15 annually; and does not allow students to cross district lines to attend charter schools in another district. Please ask your legislators to vote yes on the HB 369 conference report. This is a plan that will help focus charters in areas where we have chronically underperforming schools and will keep out for-profit operators (including virtuals), whose priority is shareholders rather than children. Click here to see why The Parents' Campaign supports this conference report.

  • Education Conference Reports Filed

    posted 4/1/2013

    See summaries here.

  • Final K-12 Budget Adopted

    posted 3/31/2013

    The conference report for HB 1648 was adopted by the House and Senate on Easter Sunday, 3/31/13. This is the final K-12 budget for the 2013-2014 school year and includes the following items:

    Level funding of MAEP - same next year as this year; MAEP will be underfunded by $292-million

    $27-million - increased retirement costs

    Full funding - Chickasaw Cession

    Full funding - National Board Certification program

    $10-million - teacher supply fund (an increase of $2-million over current year)

    $9.5-million - literacy initiative

    $3-million - pre-k matching grant program

    $3-million - Mississippi Building Blocks (pre-k)

    $1.5-million - merit pay pilot program in four districts (Clarksdale, Gulfport, Lamar County, Rankin County)

    $1.5-million - teacher scholarship program

    $6-million - Teach for America

    $5.5-million - Mississippi Community Oriented Policing Services in Schools program

    $2-million - digital learning pilot program in two districts (Booneville and Hattiesburg)

  • K-12 Budget Agreement Reached

    posted 3/30/2013

    Budget negotiators reached an agreement on K-12 funding today. If passed by the April 1 deadline with no changes, it will provide to schools in the 2013-2014 school year:

    Level funding of MAEP - this will leave MAEP underfunded by $292-million next year

    $27-million to cover increased retirement costs

    Full funding of the Chickasaw Cession and the National Board Certification program

    Additional funding (not taken out of MAEP) for a literacy initiative, early childhood education, a merit pay pilot program in four districts, and the Mississippi Community Oriented Policing Services in Schools program

  • Appropriations Conference Reports Being Finalized

    posted 3/29/2013

    Legislators have been busy today (Friday) finalizing conference reports on appropriations bills. Watch for news on the K-12 funding bill tomorrow. We also are concerned about the literacy bill. Please remind your legislators that reading coaches and teacher training should be expressly required in the literacy bill's language, and that the whole bill should be subject to appropriation. Legislators will be in session beginning at 9 a.m. Saturday. Capitol Switchboard: 601.359.3770

  • Representatives Being Pressured to Accept Bad Charter Language

    posted 3/28/2013

    Word at the Capitol is that House members are being pressured to vote for any charter school legislation that comes back in a conference report - no matter how bad. Legislators should vote only for a charter school bill that focuses charter schools in D and F districts, prohibits for-profits from managing charter schools, and prohibits virtual charter schools.

  • House Reconsiders HB 890 - Votes to Invite Conference

    posted 3/27/2013

    Today, the House voted 61-56 to invite conference on HB 890, House Education Chairman John Moore noted that the bill is subject to a point of order if the conference report includes charter school language (which would kill the bill - because the original version of HB 890 did not contain the proper code sections for charter schools). Read more here.

  • House Defeats Motion to Invite Conference HB 890 MAEP Funding Could be in Jeopardy

    posted 3/26/2013

    Today, the House defeated a motion to invite conference on HB 890. The bill was held on a motion to reconsider and could come up for a vote again on Wednesday or Thursday. Thursday is the deadline. Meanwhile, MAEP funding could be in jeopardy. It is possible that a change could be made to the formula that would reduce the amount of funding that is considered "adequate." 

  • No Action Today on HB 890

    posted 3/20/2013

    The House did not take up HB 890 today, so it remains on the calendar with a deadline of March 28 to concur or invite conference. In its current form, as amended by the Senate, HB 890 allows for-profits to operate charter schools, opens C, D & F districts to charter schools without local board approval, and creates an unfunded literacy mandate for districts. Representatives should vote to send the bill to conference so that it can be fixed. An even better option would be to let HB 890 die on the calendar so that the important issues can be addressed individually through separate bills that already are in conference.

  • Schools Need At Least Level Funding

    posted 3/19/2013

    State revenue is coming in well above projections, but corporate give-aways and reform initiatives could pose threats to level funding of the MAEP. Word at the capitol is that MAEP could be cut in order to fund reform measures.

  • More Trouble in Virtual Schools

    posted 3/15/2013

    The Tennessee Virtual Academy, a for-profit virtual school that lawmakers promoted as a way to improve eduucation, is accused of altering student grades in an effort to cover up its poor performance. The vice principal of the virtual school directed teachers in an email to delete the low progress reports. The school is run by K-12, Inc., a firm that has lobbied Mississippi lawmakers to allow for-profit and virtual schools in our state.

  • Some Ed Bills Die on Deadline Day Senate Charter Bill Dies in House, Other Charter Bills Alive

    posted 3/13/2013

    Following tonight's floor vote deadline, some education bills are dead, including the Senate charter school bill. Other education bills, including two with charter school language, remain alive. See more here.

  • House and Senate Pass Ed Bills House Expected to Take Up Senate Charter Tomorrow

    posted 3/12/2013

    The House is expected to take up the Senate charter school bill tomorrow. We need to be sure that the bill:

    * Removes the New Start School provision (read more)

    * Prohibits for-profits from managing charter schools

    * Focuses charter schools where they are needed: where existing schools are chronically underperforming

    * Does not allow virtual charter schools

    Today, the House passed the Senate pre-k bill after amending it to reflect the House language, another important step toward a real victory for our youngest children. The House pre-k bill remains on the Senate calendar.

    The Senate passed HB 890, the bill that the Senate Education Committee had loaded up with all kinds of issues. They removed the New Start School language (a good move!), but the bill still allows for-profits to manage charter schools and provides a terribly insufficient literacy initiative. The Senate has stripped the literacy piece of the training and reading coaches that would improve instruction, leaving only increased reporting requirements for teachers and an unfunded mandate for schools.

  • House Kills Appointed Supts Bill, Amends Gov's Ed Works

    posted 3/11/2013

    Today the House voted down SB 2199, which would have required that all superintendents be appointed by their school boards (rather than elected). The House also amended Governor Bryant's Education Works bill (SB 2658) to strip it of the requirement that students have a 21 on the ACT to enter schools of education. The Senate did not take up any education bills today. Wednesday is the deadline for bills to be taken up for a floor vote.

  • "New Start" Amendment to Charter Threatens Good Schools

    posted 3/8/2013

    A "New Start School" amendment made to the charter school bills in both chambers threatens good schools. Click here to read more.

  • Senate Ed Amends Bill in Last-Minute Meeting

    posted 3/5/2013

    In a short-notice, late afternoon meeting, the chairman of the Senate Education Committee proposed an amendment to HB 890 that inserted language from a number of bills - including bills from last year. The move took committee members by surprise and had them scrambling to decipher what was in the enormous omnibus bill. The amended bill addresses charter schools, New Start Schools, a literacy initiative, teacher education program entry requirements, and scholarships. See details here.

  • K-12 Funding Bill Passes House

    posted 2/20/2013

    HB 1648, the K-12 funding bill, was passed by the House today on a vote of 119-1. The bill funds K-12 public schools for FY 2014 at the same level as that of the current year (FY 2013), plus funds to cover an increase in retirement costs. If this were to be adopted as the final appropriations bill, the total underfunding of MAEP for FY 2014 would be $300,597,101. See the vote.

  • Pre-K Bill Advances Controversial Bills Left to Die on Calendar

    posted 2/14/2013

    HB 781, a bill that would provide the state's first funding to early childhood education, has passed the House on a 93-19 vote. See that vote here.

    SB 2141, which would have required that all school board members be elected at the time of the presidential election, was amended to create a task force to study the issue.

    Both chambers adjourned leaving a number of bills that would have been harmful to public education to die on the calendar. These bills will not survive tonight's midnight deadline:

    HB 906 - Tax credit scholarships for private school tuition

    HB 1004 - Tuition vouchers to private schools for special education students; did not require private schools to provide special education services

    HB 519 - Allowed taxing authorities to usurp school board's authority to request funding increases

    SB 2714 - Charter school district for Sunflower County with at least one virtual charter school

  • No Further Action on Bills TPC is Tracking

    posted 2/13/13

    Neither the House nor the Senate took action today on bills being tracked by The Parents' Campaign. You can find the bills we are tracking here. Tomorrow is the deadline for the House and Senate to take original floor action on bills that were drafted in their own chambers.

  • Senate Passes Appointed Superintendents and Governor's Education Works Bills

    posted 2/12/2013

    The Senate has passed SB 2199 which requires that all school superintendents be appointed by their school boards, effective January of 2016. It also allows for a reverse referendum through which a county can decide whether to appoint or elect the superintendent, provided that the referendum is held at the time of the November general election in 2013 or 2014. See the vote.

    Governor Bryant's Education Works bill, SB 2658, also passed the full Senate. This bill raises entry requirements for teacher education programs, provides scholarships for top-tier students who enter teacher education programs, and provides a $6,000 supplement for up to five years for education scholar program graduates who teach in schools rated D or F. See the vote.

    Click here for more information on these bills and others we support.

  • House Passes Governor's Education Works Bill & Districts of Innovation

    posted 2/11/2013 5:08 p.m.

    Late this afternoon on a vote of 111-4, the House passed HB 890, Gov. Bryant's bill to establish a reading initiative, raise admission standards for teacher education, and implement a pilot program for performance-based compensation for teachers. The bill was amended on the House floor to add a $5,000-a-year teacher pay raise. See the vote.

    HB 118 also passed the full House. This bill allows public school districts to apply to MDE to become Districts of Innovation. Districts of Innovation would be freed from some of the regulations governing public schools in exchange for implementing innovative programs. See the vote.

  • Senate Passes Education Legislation

    posted 2/7/2013 5:00 p.m.

    The Senate passed the following education bills today:

    SB 2395, Early Learning Collaborative Act of 2013. This bill will provide Mississippi's first state funding for pre-kindergarten programs. See the vote.

  • SB 2347, Senate version of the third grade literacy initiative. Unfortunately, the Senate bill omits the training and reading coaches that were central to the success of the Florida initiative after which this bill was intended to be modeled. The House version includes this critical element, and we are hopeful that it will be included in the final version of the bill. See the vote.

  • Please Contact Your Legislators

    posted 2/7/2013

    A number of bills that could have a dramatic impact on Mississippi's public education system are being debated in the House and Senate this week. Some bills that we believe could have a significant negative impact are listed below.

    Please contact your legislators about these bills:

    House Bill 519: Gives boards of supervisors and municipalities veto authority over school districts' requests for increases in local funding. Would give undue influence to entities that are not tasked with providing a high quality education to public school children. Vote no.

    House Bill 906: Provides state support for tuition to private schools. Vote no.

    House Bill 1004: Provides vouchers for tuition to private schools using MAEP funds. The bill purports to provide better service to children with special needs, though the private schools receiving vouchers are not required to provide any special needs services and are not required to comply with the IEP ruling. Also allows special needs students to transfer to other school districts; the receiving district must accept the students if there is capacity. Vote no.

    Senate Bill 2141: Requires that all school board members be elected at November general election. This would remove all continuity and historical/institutional knowledge from the school board. Running a school district is important and complicated, and it takes months for a school board member to come up to speed on the important issues that these boards must decide. A complete turnover of the board in the middle of a school year would be unnecessarily disruptive and could do serious harm to a district. Terms should be staggered to provide continuity. Vote no.

    Senate Bill 2347: The Senate version of the third grade literacy initiative omits the reading coaches and training of teachers and principals that Florida representatives testified is critical to the success of the initiative (this program is modeled after Florida's successful reading initiative.) SB 2347 should be amended to include reading coaches in schools and training of principals and teachers in research-based reading intervention. Vote no if not amended to include training and reading coaches.

    Senate Bill: 2714: Creates a charter school district in Sunflower County. Includes provisions that could be detrimental to students in Sunflower County, including a mandate that the charter district include at least one virtual charter school. Vote no.

  • Ed Bills Moving to House and Senate Floor

    posted 2/6/2013

    This is an important week for education legislation. Yesterday was the deadline for committees to pass bills and move them to the full House and Senate for consideration. Numerous education bills will be coming the floor in each chamber, beginning today. See our bill summaries page here.

  • House Education Committee Passes Neo-voucher Bill

    posted 1/31/2013

    The House Education Committee has passed a bill that would reduce state revenue to fund private school tuition. HB 906 uses tax credits to fund scholarships to private academies, reducing the state revenue that is available to fund public schools. Please ask your representative to vote against HB 906. The bill could go to the full House for a vote any time. Read more.

  • House Passes Charter School Bill

    posted 1/24/2013, 1:02 a.m.

    The House completed the reading of the entire bill, then passed HB 369 on a vote of 64-55. Over a dozen amendments were proposed, but only the amendment closing the for-profit loophole passed. Debate began around 2:30 Wednesday afternoon and final passage happened at 12:50 a.m. on Thursday. See the vote here.

  • Charter School Bill Still on House Floor

    posted 1/23/2013, 10:40 p.m.

    After several hours of debate, a representative called for HB 369 to be read aloud, in completion. That reading is underway and is expected to take a few hours. House members are likely to vote on the bill after midnight.

  • For-profits Removed from House Charter Bill

    posted 1/23/2013, 3 p.m.

    The House amended, on a voice vote, HB 369 to specify that charter schools and any education service provider which provides comprehensive management for a charter school must be a non-profit education organization. The bill itself is still being debated on the House floor.

  • House Taking up Charter Today at 2 p.m.

    posted 1/23/2013

    The word at the Capitol is that the House will take up HB 369, its charter school bill, at 2:00 p.m. today. You can watch the debate live online at

  • House Education Committee Passes Charter Bill Removes Exemption Regarding Textbook Companies

    posted 1/22/2013

    This morning, the House Education Committee passed HB 369, the charter school bill, on a vote of 16 yeas, 14 nays. The committee first passed an amendment removing the exemption of charter schools from the conflict of interest law that prohibits traditional schools' employees and board members from representing or working for textbook publishing companies.

  • House Charter Bill Rewrites Conflict of Interest Statute Benefits For-Profit Textbook Companies

    posted 1/21/2013

    HB 369, the charter school bill, rewrites the conflict of interest law that prohibits school board members, superintendents and teachers from being employees of textbook companies. It keeps the needed restriction in place for traditional (non-charter) public schools, but, unbelievably, specifically exempts charter schools' employees and board members. The exemption is on page 211, line 5319 of the bill. See the bill here.

  • Good Charter Schools Can Be Achieved in Mississippi

    posted 1/21/2013

    Only a few sentences are required to make HB 369 a charter bill that is good for kids. Research abounds that tells us how legislation should be written to increase the likelihood that Mississippi's charter schools will be good ones, not the failing charter schools that plague other states. Improvements to HB 369 should include requiring that charter schools and their management organizations be non-profit and removing the conflict of interest exemption regarding textbook companies.

  • House Version of Charter School Bill Goes to Education Committee

    posted 1/21/2013

    The House version of a charter school bill was referred to the House Education Committee today. HB 369 allows charter schools in any district in the state. Local school boards must approve charters in A, B, and C districts. Students may not cross district lines to attend charter schools. Virtual charter schools are not explicitly prohibited. The bill contains the same loophole as SB 2189 that would allow for-profit corporations to run charter schools using taxpayer dollars. 

  • Senate Passes Charter School Bill

    posted 1/16/2013 6:40 p.m.

    The Senate passed its charter school bill, SB 2189, on a vote of 31-17. It was held on a motion to reconsider, which means the vote will be revisited, but we do not expect a different outcome. The bill was amended to allow a school's charter to be revoked when it is rated "F" for two consecutive years (the original bill allowed three years). Six other amendments failed, including one that would have prevented charter schools and organizations that contract with charter schools from donating to political campaigns or expending funds to influence elections. Read more here.

  • Charter School Bill in Senate Today

    posted 1/16/2013

    SB 2189, the charter school bill, will be debated on the Senate floor this morning at 10 a.m. View the live webcast here:

    UPDATE at 10:12 a.m.: Without taking up any bills, the Senate recessed until 1:30 p.m. today.

  • Call Your Senator and Lt. Gov. Reeves

    posted 1/15/2013

    The charter school bill, SB 2189, could go to the full Senate for a vote as early as tomorrow (Wednesday) at 10 a.m.

    Please call your senator and Lt. Gov. Reeves and ask them to:

    Limit charter schools to chronically underperforming school zones

    Eliminate the loophole that allows for-profit corporations to manage charter schools

    Grant charters only to applicants with a track record of success

    Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves Capitol: 601-359-3200

    Find the senators who represent your school district here.

  • Senate Education Committee Passes Charter School Bill

    posted 1/15/2013

    The Senate Education Committee passed a charter school bill this morning that allows charter schools in every district in the state. It also allows for-profit corporations to run charter schools and does not have a requirement that charters may be granted only to applicants with a proven record of success. The good news is that the committee approved an amendment offered by Sen. David Blount to strike virtual charter schools from the bill. Click here to see the full text of the bill.

  • Senate Education Committee Taking Up Charter Bill

    posted 1/14/2013 6:40 p.m.

    The word is that the Senate Education Committee is likely to take up a charter school bill tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. Interestingly, 36 Senate education bills were posted online this afternoon, but the charter school bill was not. Therefore, the public will not have a chance to read the bill before it is debated.

    This bill is expected to be similar to the one outlined in a joint education committee meeting in December.

    Click here to see key elements of that bill.

  • Please call your legislators and ask that they amend the bill to:

    Limit charter schools to chronically underperforming school zones

    Eliminate the loophole that allows for-profit corporations to manage charter schools

    Prohibit virtual charter schools

    Grant charters only to applicants with a track record of success

    Get more information on charter schools here.

    Join Us in Long Beach on January 17 for a Meeting on School Reform

    posted 1/11/2013

    Join us on Thursday, January 17, from 5-6 p.m. for a community meeting - "School Reform and Charter Schools: What They Mean for Long Beach." The event is free and open to the public, and will be held at Harper McCaughan Elementary School, 19200 Pineville Road, Long Beach.

  • New Website for Mississippi Legislature

    posted 1/9/2013

    The Mississippi Legislature has a new website:

    You can find the House education bills that have been filed here.

    You can find the Senate education bills that have been filed here.

    No bills have been taken up in committee as of this afternoon.

  • House and Senate Convene 2013 Legislative Session

    posted 1/8/2013

    The House and Senate convened the 2013 Legislative Session at noon today. The House Education Committee will hold an organizational meeting tomorrow (Wednesday) at 1:00 p.m. in room 204 of the Capitol. As of this posting, no Senate Education Committee meetings have been scheduled.

  • Join Us in Tupelo on January 15 for a Town Hall on School Reform

    posted 1/4/2013

    Join us in Tupelo Tuesday, January 15, at 6:30 p.m. for a town hall meeting - "School Reform and Charter Schools: What They Mean for Northeast MS." The event is free and open to the public, and will be held in the Parish Hall of All Saints' Episcopal Church, 608 W. Jefferson St. Co-sponsored by Parents for Public Schools and the North Mississippi Education Consortium. Read more.

  • Are Our Public Schools for Sale?

    posted 1/2/2013

    Click here to read the article published by Nancy Loome of The Parents' Campaign about the for-profit push to privatize public schools.

    Read more about the problems for-profits are causing in other states and how Mississippi can avoid this pitfall.